Lend a “Paw”!

Happy Holidays, everyone!  Sorry the posting has been so irregular, I recently started a new job and it’s been tough to find the time.  Keep sending in your BAPs, though, and I promise I’ll keep putting ’em up!

How appropriate to have an entry from Fox News!  Though I often prefer MSN-BEE-C.  (Sorry.)

“Fur”real Friends!

Someone in my office ordered a big Xmas present for their daughter (apologies to the Park Slope Parents Message Board for making that assumption about a plush, butterscotch pony)!

I like to think the “FRR” is just the suggested pronunciation, with a little bit of a lisp and a “my hand is a claw” motion.

EDIT: Turns out there are lots of Furreal Friends to choose from!