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Pro “cat” inator!

27 March, 2012

Today’s pun is the website, one of the best procatination tools I’ve ever seen.  When you load it up, this is what you see:

And then the fun begins!  Check it out!

“Moo” York!

20 March, 2012

Spotted while shopping at Morton Williams:

It’s the city so nice they named it after the sound cows make!

“Moo”-ve Over!

13 March, 2012

From my primary news source, Dairy Reporter:

Cows also love moustaches, disco, and suits with built-in belts.

You Had Me At “Woof”!

6 March, 2012

I’m not sure if this even counts as a pun, but it sure is terrible!

Bonus: the author’s name is “Julie Klam”!  She’s really flexing those literary mussels.

Red Carpet Faux-”Paw”!

28 February, 2012

From the Daily Mail:

Does pawmeranian count as a pun?  It’s as close to a tautology as a pun can get, I think.

Real Life “Fin”-ventor!

22 February, 2012

Bonus Wednesday post, to make up for sitting on these “Dolphin Tale” puns for so long!  This one is from the Boston Herald:

I’m going to assume, without doing any more research, that this movie is about a dolphin who invents things.

Huckleberry “Fin”!

21 February, 2012

From this past fall, for their review of “Dolphin Tale”:

And that’s a baby dolphin meeting a penguin.  Because science!


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